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The band started in 1995 in Finland as a one-man-band by Agathon’s will to make music in his own terms. In addition to horror film soundtracks, the biggest inspiration for Agathon has always been the dark life itself. As the music evolved, Agathon decided it’s time to gather a full band around him.
Since then, GLOOMY GRIM have released five full length albums, and they have toured all over Finland, Baltic and Europe.

GLOOMY GRIM has never been dead, it has just hibernated and waited for right time to Attack. The Time Is Now! It is The Time of Aquarius

Catalog: MURDHER 013 / SAT151

Satanath (Rus) / Murdher Records (Ita).

Includes 12-page booklet.

Jewel Box, CD.


released June 6, 2016



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Track Name: The Rise Of The Great Beast
After The Sound of The Trumpets blown
and The Rise of The Great Beast shown
World in Chaos and in Misery
for those believers of humanity

There came Hail and Fire mixed with Blood
and it was hurled down on the earth
I stood at the top of the mountain high
and saw this world Burn

A third of the earth was burned up
A third of the sea turned into Blood
A third of the waters turned bitter
A third of the sun was struck
A third of the moon
and a third of the stars,
so that a third of them turned dark
A great star, blazing like a torch,
fell from the sky

As I watched, I smiled then laughed
This was how it was meaned to be

For The Great Day of Wrath has come
Track Name: Germination
At the dead of winter
This is The Day

I want to proceed
Take a new form

I stare at the Fire,
which burns in The Night

Like stars in the sky
cinders so bright

I am wearing a Cope
Alleywall of Flames
Smile on my face
as They whisper my name
I take the last step
and enter to
The Realm of No Return

The Seedlings are weak
My ashes still warm

Winds start to blow
spreading the pile

Time goes on
spring and sun
breathe of life
as jesus wept

My life so young
just one day old
I open my eyes
I am alive
Track Name: A Lady In White
One day I heard snoring, which was quite silent
I thought that I have heard wrong
But the other day it happened again
Once at night, once at day

As we did renovation at the attic
there was an empty bottle
of pregnancy sickness drug
buried in the sawdust

Some days passed and I walked near the stream,
which runs near the house
I saw a woman there dressed all in white
as she watched me with tears in her eyes

After the finding, snoring stopped and was never heard again
But in the house, the sense of sorrow was tactile

Again I was walking near the stream.
I saw A Lady In White, carrying a child

She drowned the child into waters so dark
They are both now finally free
Track Name: Beyond The Hate
I take a piece of thick yarn
Then tie three separate knots
I conjure them to do my bidding
I have gone Beyond The Hate

This is to make my Curse to work
This to seal their Doom
I see thy blood turn black
I craft a curse upon your back

With this knot I seal this hex
you will not sleep
I tie this second knot, which makes two
bringing Darkness over you

Slander, Discord, Evil too
Bringing Darkness straight to you
Hex of anger, hex of hate
Come at once, bring them Horror

With this third knot, I do bind
Weaving chaos in your mind

Fourth knot is to close The Circle
and to set The Powers to Attack

The Curse is now upon You
So, mote it Be!

Knots of anger, knots of Hate
Discord brings you to your fate
Track Name: One Night I Heard A Scream
I had an eerie feeling about The House
From that very first day,
as if someone was watching my every move

I began to be plagued by horrific nightmares
and my body began to wither away

Something was moving in The House
No matter if it was night or day
Something unnatural
Something to be scared

One night I heard a scream, which said to me

You are not supposed to be here
This is My
Burial Ground

From this sacred place of Mine

I began to be plagued by horrific nightmares
and my body began to wither away

In my dreams, I was laying on the bed
as The Entity took control of my body completely

It forced me to strangle myself
But before I died, I always woke up and heard this scream

You are not supposed to be here
This is My
Burial Ground

From this Sacred Place of Mine

You are going to die
if you stay here for even longer
This is my kindly warning
you must GO NOW!
Track Name: The Shameful Kiss
Four fingers to cover the mouth
Two fingers to cover the nose

Two fingers to cover the eyes
Two fingers to cover the ears

Ten fingers to shut your passages
to senses
And to set you to Total Darkness

Osculum infame
Omnis Immundus spiritus et
Draco maledicte
Te rogamus, audi nos

Lying inside Four corners
Nothing you can do
for this act of degradation

North, south, east, west
So, we cleaned the air
4 candles, 3 black, one white

Athame in my hand
I pray Lords from The Deep
I conjure thee
O Creature of Fire

Infernalis Adversarii, omnis legio
Te rogamus, audi nos

Osculum infame
Omnis Immundus spiritus et
Draco Maledicte
Te rogamus, audi nos
Track Name: The Mist
Like a Mist in the morning
Like The Moon falls from the sky
Life has no meaning
Only Death is Real

Our life fades away
Like The Mist in the morning
Our life falls into the Grave
Like The Moon falls from the sky

Only in minds of others
we live our lives
But when others are gone
So are we

And we really never existed
Track Name: Time
And I saw the kings
of the earth
and their armies
of false prophets

And I saw the people
of the earth
and their armies
of false prophets

They come together
to make war
against themselves

by believing so
called gods
instead of themselves

This is The new Aeon
the age of Aquarius
Great spiritual awakening
for mankind

Your god is dead
not one god is left
Your god is dead
not one god is left
Track Name: Light Of Lucifer Shine On Me
I am just a man
I can admit it now
I am not born from the virgins womb
I am not The Son of God

I am like you all
I am not ready to die
I am a liar, but not The Chosen One
I am a rebel without a cause

Is there still a change to tell the truth?
Soon I´ll die like scum, not like god
I regret all the things I have said
I regret all the things I have lied

I am nailed to the cross
Nailed into it, on to it
Please, someone help me

I got no power to let me loose
So here I am
Like thieves near me

Light of Lucifer, shine on me
I am Son Of Man

Light of Lucifer, shine on me
Self proclaimed messiah I am